Arleen Webb

No One Loved You Like I Did
by John Webb

No one knew your eyes like I did.
No one saw their special twinkle when you smiled
No one saw the flutter of your lashes when you looked at me
No one could feel the light enter the room when you opened your eyes in the morning.
No one felt the deep peace from your eyes when you slept at night

No one knew your hands like I did
No one understood the magic that came from their caress and touch
No one understood the kindness they brought when held by a stranger in need
No one saw their grace as they would touch our children’s faces

No one knew your voice like I did
No one could hear the special softness in your voice
No one could understand the mystery of it’s calmness
No one could fathom the strength of it’s lilt and sweetness

No one knew your gaze, your touch, your femininity like I did
And no one will ever understand the agony, the ache, and the anguish of my soul.
Our bed is stained by my tears and my eyes burn with my grief
And my life has been diminished by your passing. 

No one loved you like I did.