Arleen Webb

Ryan's Web Site Notice of the Game Dedication

When Ryan had his first home baseball game of the 2009 American Legion Season, he dedicated the game to Arleen. Below is the dedication he put on his team's web site.

The Notice on the Team Web Site

Skipper's Notes: May 26 2009

In a little more than 24 hours we will take the field in our first game of the summer, I will settle for nothing less than victory. I am very honored to be coaching this team this year and I will do everything I can to make this program a success. Each and every one of our players has something to contribute to this team. We have a nice balance of speed and power at the plate. Our defense should be rock solid and with the pitchers we have high scores from our opponents should be few and far between. We have the tools to be successful. This is going to be a season to remember, I am sure of it!

This summer I am dedicating this season to my amazing and loving mother who suddenly passed away earlier this spring. I miss her dearly, not only as my mother but as my coach in life. She has been a part of every baseball team I have ever been a part of. From little league on, she was right there as my biggest fan and always made sure I was taken care of. She ran the day to day operations of this team. On road trips she did all of our laundry making sure we had clean uniforms to play in. Last year she worked in our concession stand at every home game and even though it kept her from watching the game she loved so much she did it with a smile and a laugh. She was the hardest working woman in baseball and now she will finally get to take a rest and watch us play.

During the school season before every game I take time to tell her how much I miss her and love her. I also ask her to help me like she always has. To make sure all goes right and make sure my guys play well in the game at hand. My mother always enjoyed a win but she loved me even if I lost. She is our biggest fan and she will make sure we are taken care of this year. She will be watching every swing and every hit, every throw and every catch. She will be right there, sitting with God cheering on her Sonny Boy and his Ruf-Neks.

May God bless you all and our season.

Johnny Webb