Arleen Webb

The Opening Game Memorial

For the Ruf-Neks Opening game of the 2009 Season, Ryan Webb created a special Memorial Celebration for his mother and best team mate, Arleen Webb.

The Ruf-Neks American Legion players took their defensive positions on the field and the players from the Rockies PCO youth baseball team, Arleen's grandson's team.took the same appropriate positions out on the field.  Then the coaches and the opposing team, The American Legion Okmulgee Twins, stood on the 1st and 3rd baselines.

Below is the script that Ryan wrote for that memorial celebration.

The Arleen Webb Opening Game Memorial Script

Today, is a day of memorial for the Ruf-Neks baseball program. Earlier this spring a most valuable and precious part of our team was suddenly and tragically taken from us. For 21 years Arleen Marie Webb, mother of skipper Johnny Webb has had a major roll in every baseball team he has ever been a part of, playing or coaching. Even in little league she made sure that every player on the team looked and felt like a pro. She was our program’s hardest worker and she will always be known as our biggest fan. She ran the day to day operation of this program and was the team Mom on all of our road trips. Now Arleen is looking down on us from Heaven, sitting with God, and watching her son coach the game they both loved so very much.   


The number 7 was always very important to Mrs. Webb as it has been her son’s jersey number his entire life. This season that number will be semi-retired, it will be worn by Coach Webb and his nephew Matthew Wallen.  The jerseys of both Coach Webb and Matt will bear the name of their magnificent Mother and Grandmother “A. Webb”.  Now that number has become an award in the memory of Arleen Webb.  It is awarded to the most deserving player in our program. The player receiving this honor is a team leader not only by action but by character. A player that shows leadership, honor, commitment and a passion for the game of baseball. All of these are characteristics that Mrs. Webb held in high regard when volunteering for this program. It is a great honor for a player to wear the number 7.


This year the Arleen Marie Webb Memorial Number 7 goes to Peter Brunette. (Coach Webb will present the patch to Peter and place it on his jersey)  Peter has been a member of this team for 3 years and he has always been a leader and truly is the best representative of what Arleen loved about baseball.


Today we celebrate the life and loving contributions of Arleen Webb by observing a moment of silence. The first 60 seconds represent the years of her long and beautiful life. The next 21 seconds represent her years of commitment to the game of baseball and her son’s career. The final 7 seconds represent the jersey number of her son Johnny, her favorite player and coach. Added up, these numbers represent a life that no equation can ever calculate the value. Please join the Webb family, Arleen's grandson’s baseball team the Rockies, and our Oklahoma City Ruf-Neks in observing this moment of silence honoring the wonderful life of Arleen Marie Webb.


Thank You,


Arleen Webb will truly be missed.